Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

...not to go on a public rampage?

When will people learn?

I mean, even if they were warranted (they're not), you just can't go on a public racist and sexist rant. Le sigh: how nice it must be to live in a bubble surrounded by so few consequences. Rich white male privilege must be nice.


Now, with these two recent cases, there are clearly roots in misogyny, as well as what appears to be some touches of narcissism or BPD (says the armchair psychologist who doesn't actually know how to diagnose any of these things but just says this based on her experiences with these disorders so please don't flame her). But on a grander scale, what is making well-known people think a public rant - full of slurs, violent language, and general vitriol - will go unnoticed or have no consequences?

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