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How I Almost Died This Thanksgiving

So I was eating one of these and the cat hops up onto the Prophet. The Prophet removes the cat and begins to make walking motions on the cat with their hands, telling the cat that if she wants to walk on the prophet she can expect to be walked upon too.

This was extremely hilarious to me, so much so that I started laughing before I had chewed my Reese's cup. Which started the choking. I started gasping and pointing toward the water bottle, trying to get up to go get it while the Prophet freaked out a bit and tried to get me closer for a Heimlich. Which took a while to make work, because the Prophet does not have much in the way of arm strength.


So here I am choking, trying to get to water, experiencing a very weak Heimlich. Apparently turning very red, like a red iPhone case red. Finally the Heimlich works and I have a little of my airway cleared, and I grab the water and start gulping, and I'm fine.

Definitely would have been an embarrassing way to go. Prophet was definitely afraid for me. I'm instituting a new rule where hilarity is not to occur while I eat.

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