So I use Slacker Radio and I am obsessed/fascinated/depressed by it. (Before you go all 'OHH BURT NO you should use Spotify or Pandora or Gleekalsohy or whatever hip cool thing you use to listen to music, I have tried them all, believe me. I like my little Slacker, thank you.)

I'm working in my lil' workshop and I playing some background music for working/wondering if Daniel Craig would fall in love with me if ever saw my artistic shit here, and I'm picking music. You. GUISSSSE. AHHHHSDFLAKSDJWE!!!

I tried the 'indie' music. I tried the 'Indie Hits'. The 'Indie Electronica'. The 'Indie Chill'. The 'Indie Sleepover' (What the fuck is that? What the hell is an indie sleepover? Hey, you can come to my house and stay over but only if you bring Belle & Sebastian sleeping bag kthanx).

I really tried to dig on some new shit. I failed. I failed miserably.

So now I am listening to '80's Hits'! YES! I feel like the mother ship just landed and I can finally return to my own kind.

I mean—Robbie Nevil?? WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE, PEOPLE?

Get down with you bad self, GT.