Kinda semi-spoilers below the jump.

So, I've always liked the slap episodes the best - in part because it's Barney getting slapped and that's always worth seeing. They're generally just good fun, really, with contrived plots that are enjoyable in their contrivance. Tonight's really wasn't very good, though - like, at all. There wasn't really a plot. Just an excuse to get Boys II Men to sing the slap song. But that's almost excusable.

What's not excusable is how the episode was kind of completely and uncomfortably extremely actively racist. I mean, there's being Orientalist, and then there's yellowface. And this was basically yellowface. What the fuck is wrong with this season? I just want to see the show through to the end because I've already come this far, but they really seem to be trying to alienate viewers at this point.