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One of the things about celebrity deaths is that it's hard, sometimes, to express how sad it can make you. We all know we are talking about someone we probably never met, but who, for whatever reason through whatever role, made our lives better. Made us smile. Made us think. Made us remember them.

I never met Philip Seymour Hoffman, and I never thought about him except when I saw one of his movies. And yet, I can truly say that I am going to miss this man. Maybe it's just the knowledge that he is not there, that that presence I admired so much exists now, for me, only in his body of work.

So, as a fan, all I can do is say thank you, and I am so, so saddened that this happened to you. I cannot imagine what your struggles with addiction were like. I know very little about what you yourself were like. But I know the beautiful things you brought to your roles, and so here, that's what I'm going to remember.


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