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How important is sex to you?

I’ve been thinking about this question for a while and wanted to know where do you jezzies stand. In pop culture, at least recently, it seems as if female characters are expected to accept a long term relationship/ marriage with a partner that is unsatisfying in this regard. In the past, it was because the man was hard at work and the woman’s pleasure wasn’t even discussed. Recently, especially on the series Easy, it’s because the couples are not sexually compatible and the woman made a conscious decision to choose stability over good cock.

I have a friend that has spoken at length about how terrible to sex is with her partner, but he’s a good partner so she will stay. I had a friend years ago that also complained about her husband’s sex abilities, but stayed because he could take care of her. She also decided to get her sexual needs met by cheating on her husband.

Now, I have no partner at the moment and I’m trying to I guess, figure out what I’m looking for. I am a very, very, very sexual person and I would be so unhappy to be partnered with someone that I do not enjoy sexually. Am I being naive in thinking that I would choose someone that had less money (as long as they were gainfully employed) but a better sexual connection with? Like, I have a friend that I knows loves me deeply and I can see him, under the right and very specific set of circumstances asking me to marry him (I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, but I can envision it). He’s rich, we work well together, and he would make a fine husband and father. But the sex is trash. So he would be a perfect partner for somebody else.


What do you think? If you are in a relationship, is good sex one of your priorities? Or is this a situation where everyone is different and we all ask for specific yet different qualities in our partners?

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