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How inappropriate is my potential Halloween costume?

So I don't do much for Halloween itself as a holiday, but my drinking knit/crochet group has a party and awards prizes (for things like best partly/entirely handmade costume, funniest, most original, etc), and I'm interested in that because I like drinking, my friends' parties, and winning things. As I did last year, I have basically waited until the last possible minute to come up with a concept, which leaves me little time to carry it out.

I have no idea how this idea got into my head, but I was thinking of being Shirley Temple. But I'm black. So when people asked who I was, I would say Shirley Temple Black. I feel like it works on multiple levels. I found a good tutorial on how to crochet spirals, so I would just crochet a bunch of red spiraly corkscrews and somehow affix them on my head. I'd also wear a little girl-ish, old timey outfit and some Mary Janes. I feel like this could actually work.



Last year's costume, which won for something, but I don't remember what anymore (I was dot candy btw):

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