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Welcome To The Bitchery
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How is Hillary Clinton being "too political" bad?

I was watching on MSNBC Now With Alex Wagner. She had Chris Matthews on and he said Reince Prebius attack on Hillary is that she is too political? Say what. Of course she is. She has been in politics at least early 70s. She knows how politics is played like Michael Jordan knew how the game of basketball was played.

We don't say "Gee that Tom Brady is too much of a football player, lets get that Rep from Texas Louis Gohmert to play in Brady's place." No. You want someone as president who knows exactly how the game of politics is played. Lets face it politics is akin to a game. We want someone who can play with the toughest in Congress and come out on top.


Yes "too political" to me means "she knows how politics is played and can be an extremely good president".

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