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I am beyond anxious about this election, and it has me on edge. I feel like I have to constantly be aware of what is going on ... which is maybe not super helpful. I spent way too much time this weekend just glued to the news. Actually, it hasn’t just been this weekend - it has been going on for some time. Yesterday, I did take a break from the news for a couple of hours and cleaned - and my mood improved drastically. I think it also helped that I took a break from emails - as I have another unresolved huge life-changing (and potentially very positive) thing looming as well - and that combined with the election makes me feel very anxious about my future. I’m being highly unproductive with my work (that is, when I work from home and on weekends - I’m ok when I’m at work) - and that is really really not good. I’m also more emotionally sensitive than is helpful right now.

I just thought I’d open this up to anyone else wanting to talk about how it is affecting you. I know at least women who are survivors of sexual or partner violence are definitely affected.

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