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How Is This Not Homophobic, Exactly?

Actually don't answer that*. Sometimes it feels like I'm asking a group of straight people to tell me whether or not something is homophobic or transphobic. I love you guys, but scratch that - I'm instead telling you I find this article homophobic and transphobic.

The headline is "Tina Fey Refuses To Look Like Tootsie".

So I clicked, immediately (and laughably, it turns out) expecting it to call out Tina Fey for basically yelling 'no homo!' or more accurately 'no trans!'. Sadly, no. As if. Tina Fey is not to be criticized and the Jezebel staff (who seem to have something against hiring queer women, but at the same time seem to have some kind of contract enforcing at least one man on staff at all times - effectively giving the vibe that literally any man's voice is given more weight than queer women's) instead said this about it and nothing else:

"Tootsie is CRAZY glamorous, but I understand resisting the comparison."

Ooookay. Which is it? Is Tootsie "CRAZY glamorous" - or is she some gross other that you "understand resisting the comparison" to? I fail to see how it could be both and not be homophobic or transphobic unless while I was asleep last night glamorous suddenly became a bad thing (unlikely).


How does she understand resisting the comparison? What is she understanding is being resisted here? Tina doesn't want to look like a man in dress? She doesn't want anyone to confuse her with a trans woman (who everyone knows isn't a real woman)? She doesn't want to look like a gender freak or an lgbt (shudder) stereotype? What is being said here?

This sentence sounds a lot like "I'm not homophobic, but understandably, no one wants to look like a freak (sub-text: Tootsie is a freak)" to me. I very much do not like it.

*if you are cis-het. Queer opinions on the offensiveness of this article are more than welcome, of course.

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