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How late is too late to take a lunch?

My work loves to do this awful thing where they will schedule long meetings right over the prime time for everyone to take a lunch. Today it was 12:30-2:00pm. So of course I get back to my desk and I have work that I've been waiting on all morning that is finally ready for me. I do my job first and now I'm finally sitting down to lunch about an hour before I have to leave. I would have toughed it out and just left a half hour early, except I haven't eaten anything today and I was getting the hunger shakes.

So, I ask you GT, how long will you put off lunch while actually taking it? People are constantly commenting on my super late lunches because I will usually put it off until 2:00pm or later on a normal day, I like being able to take a break late and coming back to work right before I have to go home. What is your lunch schedule plan usually like? Do you just stop when you're hungry? Do you just skip and eat while working?


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