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How Legalising Prostitution has Failed in Germany

Serious trigger and content warnings.

I just read a very interesting but very depressing article on legalised prostitution leading to lower pay, worse conditions and increased human trafficking in Germany:

When Germany legalized prostitution just over a decade ago, politicians hoped that it would create better conditions and more autonomy for sex workers. It hasn't worked out that way, though. Exploitation and human trafficking remain significant problems.


I really have to get to bed, but I wanted to share this. I've heard very similar stories about sex workers being trafficked in Amsterdam, where apparently between 50% and 90% of women involved in prostitution are forced into it. And I know that trafficking and coresion are huge problems in the UK, even in cities with "tolerance zones" for prostitution (Edinburgh, where I live, used to have a "tolerance zone", which didn't decrease crime and violence against women, and it didn't increase the safety of the women either). There's some good information about how different countries approach the problem in Europe - as usual, the Scandinavians seem to get the best results by targeting the johns.

Added on to all of that the fact that legalisation has led to a horrific open market of €99 all-you-can-fuck nights (including gangbangs) and even less emphasis on safety for the workers is just heartbreaking

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