To hear from the 'really awesome but moving away in a few months to travel and abruptly brought up that he doesn't know if he can keep seeing me without getting emotionally invested' guy before just moving on?

He needs to think shit over because he is really conflicted and doesn't know what to do. Fine. I told him I was going out of town this week and that whatever he decides, I'd like to meet up and discuss. He was down. I told him to take his time and he said 'thank you'. It's been a week since 'the talk', which was really just us talking in circles while tired.

This is a guy who has given me zero jerk signals and is one of the most considerate/nice/communicative guys I've ever met, much less dated casually or otherwise. So should I give it another week? I'm sadly already thinking of biting things to say if he just never talks to me again, which is really unhealthy and depressing. I'm trying to avoid the negative thought spiral of 'wow even a really wonderful guy will be a jerk to you because you're you'. Ugh, my trip cannot come soon enough.