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How long does it take a childhood crush to fade?

Answer: more than 25 years. I recently watched the trailer for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and realized that that crush I’d had on Casey Jones is still going strong. Ficticious, often animated, Casey Jones.

When the movies came out, Elias Koteas was possibly the sexiest thing 9-year-old me had ever seen. Scruffy man, sitting on a dark porch, sharpening his hockey skates (or was it taping his stick?), and my eyes went heart-shaped. And now, still, my heart went all a-flutter. I watch Arrow. I twitter-stalk Stephen Amell. He seems like an ok guy. But there’s something about a hockey-themed superhero that just...I just don’t know. What IS that???


I can’t be alone here. Any childhood-era cartoon crushes that have managed to stick with you? The inexplicable ones are the most welcome!

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