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How many new things do you have to buy when you're starting to exercise?

I recently decided that I needed to get myself in gear and actually start taking better care of myself. I am very conscious of how sedentary my lifestyle has become now that I'm working 9-5 and not walking to, around, and from campus every day. I'm starting to eat better, I went to my first Zumba class last night and resisted the urge to drive to the gym in the rain and actually jogged some of the way there, and I'm hoping to do my cardio Pilates DVD tomorrow evening. I'm also thinking about actually starting up a membership to the gym, and actually asking the trainers to come up with a programme to improve my fitness generally, and help me tone up certain areas of my body specifically (tummy, upper arms - I'm looking at you guys).

But before I take those daunting steps into the gym, I am very aware that I don't have anything that's really suitable for going to the occasional Zumba class, or even for starting to do gentle running after work in the evenings. I don't have:

- trainers where the soles aren't peeling away

- anything lighter than sweatpant material Gap yoga pants

- a sports bra (and this one is really really important)

I have just about accepted that for me to have a sports bra that actually fits, I'm going to have to pay somewhere in the region of £40, much as that number hurts to admit. But because these 10 year old trainers provide absolutely no support and are falling apart, I'm going to have to invest in some new trainers. And because the trousers I wore are not really designed for doing anything more strenuous than lying on the sofa watching TV despite being called yoga pants, I should probably look into those, too. And so on and so on.


I know it'll be worth it when I'm feeling healthier and happier in my body and I've got the confidence to go into the gym and not feel like I'm going to be shouted at by my PE teacher. But at the moment I'm just looking at how much this fitness kick is going to cost and it's just all a bit

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