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Hamilton Nolan wrote about the cynicism of fast food and referenced his own experience working there, which might drive some of the bitterness. I worked a couple of stints in fast food. One was pretty good and the other really wasn't.


I worked for a while at Dairy Queen in HS, probably about 2 years. The franchise owner was actually quite nice and you could only work there if you maintained decent grades. I worked about 30 hours a week (because my family was broke as shit and I needed to help out) but also graduated 5th in my class and did a bunch of activities. I liked that particular job because of the management, who seemed like he cared for us. The pay was pretty minimal but like I've had so many minimum wage jobs that I didn't expect much more so I liked it at the time. I do think people deserve higher pay though.

I worked at McDonald's in college, which was ok. But we had a manager who used to clock us out while we were cleaning up the place, which we only found out months down the line. So we weren't paid hundreds of dollars that we earned AND the franchise owner never made any attempt to give us our past wages. Now the manager was fired but fuck, still, a franchise owner is often as rich as shit and could afford it. BUT NOPE. "Here you go assholes. We are not going to even pay you the fucking measly ass 4.25 an hour for all of the hours.!"

Blargh. What about you guys?

Oh and fuck you, McDonalds!

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