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Ok, and then talk about it a bunch, whatever. I get it, it's happy. I was happy about mine too; I'm not a huge Facebook talker but I was full of happy and can see how you'd want to endlessly talk about it.

But I have this person on my FB who got engaged on Friday, and she keeps writing new statuses that are announcing, as if she hasn't announced it before. It's just weird. Like literally, every 6 hours or so since then, she's been saying some variation of:

"I thought this year couldn't get any better, and now I'm so happy to announce that I get to spend the rest of my life with GUY McGUY!"


I dunno, say it once and then just continue the conversation in a normal fashion. Even just humblebrag a bunch. Even that.

I know. I'm a grumposaurus.

(doesn't help that this person is an ex coworker that screwed me over a bunch so I hate everything she does, haha)

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