Someone posted this gem to facebook ("The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People") and honestly I'm not sure if he posted it to be smug about how un-miserable he is but that is certainly the attribution I'm making. Which is consistent with the #5 miserable person habit: attribute bad intentions. I decided to gauge how miserable I am by counting up the number of habits that apply to me. I have a whooping 9 habits that are making me miserable! No wonder I'm bummed out so much of the time!

I really hated this article because it feels victim blame-y, i.e., it's your fault for being miserable and you should just snap out of it! (see #3, which claims it's your fault for being miserable if you let your depression or anxiety take over your life and identity. way to fuck that one up, mentally unhealthy people!). I usually like articles on alternet but this one really sucks.

I can't tell if this piece is written so vaguely that pretty much everyone will see some of themselves in these habits, or am I really just that miserable!? So tell me, groupthinkers who are also awake at this stupidly early hour, how miserable are YOU? Can you beat my miserableness, which rates 9/15?!