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How Much Did I Screw This Up? UPDATE

I got my first flat tire last night. While I was driving home from work I felt my tire get a bit wobbly and knew it needed to be changed, but I'd never done it before and it was 12:30 am in this crazy fog we had had all day. I decided that I'd rather just buy a new tire than get hit by a car who couldn't see me until they were right on me.

I drove for about 20 minutes on it at 45-50 mph. How likely is it that I damaged the wheel? I'm going to put on my spare and then head to Les Schwab in a few hours but I don't want them to screw me over and try to sell me a new wheel.


UPDATE: I have no jack, apparently. My brother likely stole it because he's an asshole. I walked to the auto part store to buy a jack. Apparently my car is too low for a bottle jack to work, which is all they have unless I wanted to buy a $100 floor jack (which I can't use due to how my apartment's parking lot is designed). So I signed up for AAA. Today won't be the day that I change a tire, but it will continue to get more expensive.


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