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How much do you know about globalization? Would you like to know more? (edit: THANKS!)

I am finalizing a syllabus for one of two classes I’m teaching this fall, and I have questions.

The course title is globalization, and students are “interdisciplinary” majors, which means—for the most part—that they’re upper-division transfer students with odd collections of courses. They’re supposed to bring all of their studies to bear on a question relating to globalization. That’s enough of a recipe for complexity, but add to this that I’ve been asked to teach this as a hybrid class, with the first two weeks in-person, then most of the rest of the course on-line.

My plan is to use the first two weeks to talk about what globalization is (get the class to work up a definition) and some of the central aspects of and theories of globalization, and then set some video for them to watch each subsequent week and get them to interact on the class message board (I’m thinking of things like Bhopal, etc).


But I thought I’d take advantage of this board to find out what each of you thinks are the most important things to teach about globalization.

I’ll deal with the papers when they come in (in my past experience, and that of others, about 40-50% of students will request permission to bail on The Project they’re supposed to do and will write personal essays on anxiety instead).

But there’s a lot of experience here...help me out!

EDIT: Thanks, everyone. Some good thoughts and reactions and suggestions. I’ve printed the whole meshugga out and I’m reading it carefully.

Again, thanks.

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