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We know that Trump and McConnell are going to nominate the asshattiest asshat for the coming open Supreme Court seat. And we know that most Dems will vote no (Manchin and possibly Heitkamp aside). We also know that Collins and Murkowski will wiffle and waffle and fuss in the press before, most likely, they vote yes to appease their corporate sponsors. (So will Corker and Flake and McCain but fuck them). So what I’m wondering is: can we start a crowd-funded campaign to pay them for a no vote? I mean sure it’s technically illegal but since the Koch Bros do it all the time I don’t see why we can’t. Y’all wanted big money in politics? Cool. Kickstarter will join right in. I mean we won’t call it a bribe. We’ll call it...hmmm a participatory democracy reward?

Surely there are enough people in the country willing to throw in say $1-$10 each to pay Murkowski and Collins each $50-$100 million for their no vote on a nutbag nominee. Whether your issue is abortion, gay rights, voting rights, racial justive, freedom from religion, healthcare or really anything related to the New Deal and social justice that court nominee will have enormous power to keep those ideals intact or tank them completely.

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