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How Much Drama is a Dealbreaker For You?

I've been chatting with this guy online and he seems smart and interesting, which is rare. And he can keep up with the witty banter.

But. He has four kids and has main custody. His ex-wife left and became a man. He/she had never worked before, so this guy is paying alimony and supporting four kids. They foreclosed on his house and they are now living in a small apartment, although he has a good job. The ex-wife lives in a small studio apartment, where he stays when she/he visits.


This just seems like a lot. I haven't been married. I don't have or want kids. I'm crazy about being financially responsible, because I saw my mom go through hell because she was so bad with money and was dependent on my father who was a dick.

Part of me thinks - well, everyone has some crazy. I certainly have horrible panic attacks and bouts of depression. I know this is going to sound incredibly selfish, but when I'm dating someone, I want to be a priority sometimes. Not all the time, and I definitely like my space. But with four kids, there is no way I'd ever come first ever.


So would this be too much crazy for you? What's your baggage limit?

Edited to add: I'm not young. I'm middle-aged. So some baggage is expected.

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