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Illustration for article titled How much is too much to spend on one pair of underwear?

My husband gets Birchbox Man, because he really needed to try out some new products. Usually, he finds one thing he likes, one thing he keeps for his travel kit, and the rest goes to me.


A few months back, he got a pair of underwear. He was scornful. They weren't boxers, they weren't from Hanes, they were obviously not worth his time. They ended up in our laundry room, forgotten...

Until today.

I am packing for a trip, so all of my 'good' underwear is in the wash. I realized my mistake too late, but then saw my husband's rejected underwear. I put them on. Hey, they fit!


Ten hours later, I am in love. They're so comfortable! They never ride, never sag, never give me a wedgie. I need more! I check their price on Birchbox.

Holy shit, I've never spent that much on a PACK of underwear, let alone ONE.

So, GT, how much is too much?

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