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How much social media is too much?

I've kinda posted about this before about Facebook and not being sure if I wanted to keep it for a few reasons. I read something on LinkedIn today and it made me think about how it seems a few of my friends on Facebook use it as an alternative to actually contact me by text or calling. I don't think this ok for me anymore (for me personally, for others it may be different and that's fine). I don't think Facebook is a good alternative for sustaining friendships and relationships with people because I find people think it's ok to "Like" something and that is supposed to be your interaction with that person. I notice the people I am closest to are those who take time to call me and text me and make plans with me, not simply "like" or comment on my status or something else I have posted.

I am only really finding Pinterest and LinkedIn to be useful right now. The more the summer goes on and the more I have been thinking about things, I think I do need to delete Facebook pretty soon. I can't say I don't find it entertaining, especially in the summer when I'm here taking care of my sister, but I'll be in school by the end of next month and I don't find it has the same appeal. At the end of high school and in college it was pretty cool, and then it just got silly the past few years to me.

At one point, I had Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram (possibly something else I'm forgetting). I had Twitter at one point and deleted that. I find it's too hard to keep up with so many things and it's perfectly fine to not do it and stick with one or 2.


This may partly be to me getting ready to move on to something new in my life, but I also think it's been a long time coming. Have you all recently quit any sites? Have you abstained from all social media or most of it?

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