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How not to be a Gentrificasshole

Just saw this article/listicle shared on Facebook, and I'm having a little difficulty wrapping my mind around it.

Something is rubbing me weird about this - something about the tone, maybe? - but I'd like to hear your thoughts. I agree with the general points brought up. It is essentially a set of instructions on how to be a good neighbor - meant for white people who will be living in communities of color. These things need to be taken into account, no doubt. The author comes from a perspective of a woman of color, so I'm sure she is responding from at least some level of personal experience.


I guess my thought is, isn't the very act of moving there making you a gentrifier? I can't imagine a set of instructions on not being an asshole will prevent the big problem of property values and rents skyrocketing. Obviously, be a good person and use your privileges to help others; but essentially, if you and others like you suddenly become the majority, it's because the others have been priced out.

Note: It's easy to hate gentrification in general, without realizing that many of us benefit from it even if we are not the ones moving into the areas ourselves. I am no exception.

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