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Update: How Not To Do A Cover Song and How To With Same Singer

Update: I rewatched Eclipse again. He is obviously sitting. Now I am not positive if she is. Its still far too technical of a performance and lacks feeling. She is singing from her head. I am now unsure if she is sitting. So ignore what I wrote about sitting further on except just don’t do it or do it sparingly if you must but under certain songs or genres like Folk.

I discovered this band recently called Moonsun. Note this is the German Moonsun band there is also an Asian band by same name.

The lead singer is Susanne Scherer. They are an acoustic band that covers pop and symphonic metal. She is a classically trained singer.


I am really surprised a classically trained singer would cover a song sitting down. Her voice is incredible. Yet sitting when singing the song to me is sung too much from the head as if technical aspects was more important then the emotional feeling aspect. Total Eclipse of The Heart original by Bonnie Tyler is a song meant to be felt. Its the definition of a power ballad.

Also when standing it allows the body freedom including your shoulders.

Not all her covers are done sitting. Unless she has to sit for physical reasons at the time sitting should rarely be done. I have seen it done effectively but usually with folk and/ or a gentle soft song. Certainly not a power ballad.

Here is Ever Dream another cover. She is standing. Her body is into the song and it shows with her voice. I can feel the emotions. This is how to do a cover.

Yeah Thomas Colbin has a creey voice.

Info on the band.


They are totally worth listening to. Their youtube page is a must bookmark. They also do Live Streams one just the other day.

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