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How NOT To Write A Zombie Novel 1989's Mark Roger's The Dead








1) Where are the children? Did the disappear with others during chapter 3? Like Gary and Max’s mother? You would think that would be the only news stories the next day.


2) Everyone had a dream at the same time of being judged by God or someone. How did this work if you were overseas and its daylight or even in Alaska or Hawaii? Nj is not the world.

3) oh god the theological arguments in the novel got tedious.

4) Zombies world needs internal logic.

A) They could drive, hang people, hide bodies.

B) They loved to strangle or bite to death in close quarters.

C) They could tie folks up in rope and barbed wire.

D) Yet in last part they were slightly smarter then Romero’s zombies. They could keep guard and climb ladders.


Ok what is it? Are they smart enough to drive or barely smart horde?

E) One scene a zombie head was crushed but she could.move.the statue off her hesd and walk. So it was established wounds to head will not stop them.


Last part bullet to brain works. It did not before.

5) Do zombies have their souls or not? It was established that Father Ted had his soul same with Max and Greg’s dad.


A) Max’s.dad kept hesitating to kill his son and he even defended his son to Legion.

Yet Max saw his father’s soul in hell and he threw Max a silver cross.

So this is EXACT same scene. How is papa’s soul on Earth AND in Hell.

6) God is portrayed as a true Bastard. Really punishing people for eternity by throwing them into a pit made of wheels with blades spinning and barbed wire leading into a toothy mouth in which they will fall into then repeat the process for eternity.


These were not evil folks. It seemed arbitrary on who gets saved and who does not. Even Uncle Buddy yeah a loud mouth bully but his leaving Max behind was based on grief and emotional breakdown not because he was evil.

7) Legion was the head zombie and sidekick to Satan. He could create Bone Wolves essentially wolves out of bones. He also talked a lot makes Bond villians seem shy in their speeches.


Mark Rogers seemed to be writing “ok smart car driving zombies will not lead you to a quick solution so might as well Romero them and hope no one notices”.

In some ways until the last 40 pages these zombies seemed to be the inspiration of the comic series Crossed. They were sadistic, evil zombies with cunnung and smarts. Then Romerofied but slightoy smarter.

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