As in something that’s bacterial or viral and causes you to stay home if you can?

For most of my life I got bronchial asthma 2-3x per year, strep throat and the flu just about every time it ran through the area, and enough other little things that I don’t think 4 months ever passed by without my needing to take a sick day (or 5). Definitely more than most people, I think, but I was used to it. I was the only student in my high school who never needed doctor’s notes to get out of exams, because everyone knew how often I was laid up.

2014 was possibly my worst year. I had chest infections so vicious and so often my doctor started writing me prescriptions for the heaviest antibiotics as soon as I started showing symptoms in the hopes of shortening my downtime to a week instead of 3 or 4. I caught the worst case of the flu ever. And since then... nothing.

I took a single sick day in 2015, and that was when I got my wisdom teeth out. There were a couple nights when I started feeling a sore throat or tightness in my lungs, but I always woke up the next day feeling fine. There have been viruses that went through my office and had every single one of my coworkers sick, but I escaped unscathed. I realized today that months and months have gone by without my even thinking about it, but it’s been a solid year and a half without my catching any sort of bug or anything.

So, it’s definitely a miracle for me, but do you think this is normal for most people? How often do you catch whatever’s going around? How many sick days have you taken this year?