Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This post inspired by my boyfriend's mom calling him three times in a row, just now, despite their having talked earlier today.

I talk to my parents about once every one to two weeks, by either email or phone. We can easily go three weeks with maybe an "Are you alive?" text to check-in. We talk non-stop in person, but constant contact when we're apart isn't our thing.

My boyfriend's mom calls multiple times a day, to the extent that when we first started dating I was pretty sure he was married/had a girlfriend due to the multiple repeat calls. To me it's bizarre, and rude, but she is wonderful in every other way and not pushy or overly-anything in real life, so I've chalked it up to being her "thing." The calls are short, and she usually talks about the weather, what we're making for dinner, and then asking for the 50th time when we're coming back to visit. She also does this to her siblings and all her sisters, so he's just one call on the rotation. I thought that when she got a phone with texting it would die down a little bit, but no.


So, how often do you talk to your parents? And if they've passed away, or they're just shitty, and you've got a friend or parent-figure who fills that place, feel free to chime in!

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