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How often TV producers get it wrong...

in terms of their “Leading Man” and who the audience will be invested in.

TV really sucks today, I went paddleboarding so now I’m exhausted, so I was looking for something to watch. The Bastard found “Decades” TV - yeah, I know! - but they are doing a Man From UNCLE marathon today. I got sucked in.

And while it’s cheesy as hell (and the body count! holy god!) - I’ve already seen young Chad Everett and young Jack Lord - I keep considering about how this show is written. Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) is SO obviously supposed to be the one the audience roots for, the one they identify with, the one that’s the Love Interest for all the women. And yet, I want Iliya (David McCallum). And, as I recall, as a young Bitchy!, it was Iliya that was all over the teeny-bopper magazines.


Same with Wild Wild West (what can I say, I do indulge in reruns now and then). James West (Robert Conrad) was supposed to the The Character. I find him incredibly dull - give me Artemis Gordon (Ross Martin) any day!

Any other show you can think of, where the (presumably male) writers and producers were so damn sure which character was going to be the audience’s focus and were badly wrong?

I would propose LOST - Jack (Matthew Fox) was supposed to be Our Guy - and the general fannish consensus was that he SUCKED as a character. Personally I found Sayid (Naveen Andrews) to be sex on legs and the one character I was focused on.


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