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How oh how do you keep organized?

Even though I work in a creative function, my biggest challenge remains a total lack of organizational skills. I don't know if it's the ADHD that all of a sudden everyone seems to think I have, or if I just suck at keeping organized and focused in general, or perhaps it's been the crazy year. I don't know. But, if I want to move onward and upward, I am going to have to put some major work into this.

So, how do YOU keep yourself organized? Any super amazing tricks I need to know about? Thus far I've determined a few things...

  1. I need to suck it up and realize that I am not a techie person when it comes to schedules. I need an actual planner and I need post-its.
  2. I have to just DO THINGS when I think of them if they are manageable.
  3. Look into some tips/tricks around using Outlook to organize email communication (I am a Mac person so Outlook confuses me).

The big struggles are managing deadlines and timelines on projects (I work with a lot of artists so it's about getting work at certain points in time, reviewing, etc). Meeting deadlines is a big part of what's measurable in my function.

Another is organizing materials—piles and piles of magazine tears and product samples, not to mention virtual research (Pinterest has been a lifesaver).

This is probably too vague but I am just curious if any of you other disorganized and unfocused people have found any strategies or processes or programs or ANYTHING that have helped you.

'Cause I need some major help.

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