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A recent study posted results saying that 30% of Quebec parents were neglectful, mostly because of the following: “the highest neglect ratings in the study concerned more debatable behaviour: 20 per cent said they sometimes left a child four and younger alone in a vehicle for a short period; 22 per cent left a child aged five to nine in the car; and 25 per cent said they called from work to make sure their 10- to 15-year-old was OK, suggesting they were home alone.”

The first two points are debatable, but I can’t see how anyone can say it’s neglect to leave a 13 year old kid alone for a while. I’m curious what your experiences were though. I was allowed to stay home by myself (during the day for short periods) at age 10, and was babysitting other people’s kids when I turned 12 (after I took a safety course). I was actually babysitting overnight by the time I was 15. I have coworkers now though who don’t want to leave their 15 year old children alone for even a couple hours. Is that the new normal?

Eta: more information here: http://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/blog.html…

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