Okay, so this week's offering is not so hideous that it makes me want to run screaming from the room. Crystals aren't really my thing, but it's not horrible.

It's an "oxidized silver" chain. Hmm. I thought tarnish was oxidation. I can make a silver chain black without even trying, LOL. All it has to do is touch my skin.

It's a "peach aura" quartz crystal. Peach aura quartz is created by treating natural quartz. It's not a naturally occurring stone. (It is possible that someone may find a peach-ish colored quartz stone, because natural quartz comes in many colors and as one graduates into the next - say an amethyst into citrine, which gives you an Ametrine - the part where the two colors combine can be an unusual shade. But "peach aura" specifically refers to a man-treated stone.) It doesn't have any special value or reason to be highly priced.

Silver costs more than it used to, but it's still not terribly expensive if you don't go to, say, Macy's (or Of A Kind) to buy it. The price will depend on how heavy the piece is.

I can't replicate this piece, since I don't have a source for "peach aura" quartz, but I could make a simple faceted amethyst necklace in 14k gold for less than this price. It would be an entirely different look, but it would be more valuable and it would be all natural. I guess design costs money (not that there's anything very unique about a crystal at the end of a chain), but I find it annoying when the markup is so ridiculous. I have quite a bit of gemstone jewelry, some of which I made myself, some not, but I think there is so much in the natural world that is beautiful and unique that I don't bother with gems colored by man-made processes. My main exception is I have a pair of CZ earrings because I can't afford diamond earrings that you could see without Sherlock's magnifying glass.


Anyway, I think people should buy what they like, but I felt like this needed comment.