I try, GTers, I really do. I get to work each day determined to spend most of it doing actual work, and my mornings are usually quite productive. I usually get at least one blog post written a day, and begin the research on another.

But my afternoons are a slog, and I end up writing my fanfic more days than not. I try to do stuff, but I struggle to focus. So I can’t believe I get away with writing Supernatural slash fiction and no one seems to care, because I do produce good work and I am proactive in coming up with topics and teaching myself code stuff to fulfill my role as webmaster as best I can. I just keep expecting I’ll be fired someday because I’m not 100% productive, you know?

I have this sneaking suspicion that a lot of people spend a lot of their workdays messing around online, pretending to work. So is anyone here a successful pomodoro-er, taking only 5-minute breaks every half hour and then getting back into the swing of things? Do you ever lose hours to the siren song of the internet? Am I the worst employee ever?