Despite blowing off work on Friday (I initially planned to work from home) in favor of pre-snow prep, I actually managed to get some stuff done over the last five days!

- Shopping spree at TJ Maxx. Stocked up on cardigans and base layers!

- Worked ~20 hours between Sun-Tues despite the presence of a toddler who likes turning off my laptop (doesn’t take a therapist to figure that one out).

- Put up new drapes in my bedroom (purchased several weeks ago).

- Played a ton of Yahtzee on my phone (hit me up at “ShadyPinesMa”).

- Developed several new theoretical Pillsbury Crescent roll variations (I realize none of these are genius and someone has surely already invented all of these before me, probably the fine folks at Pillsbury themselves, but when you buy a five pack at Costco, well, you get to thinking about the possibilities): pizza (pepperoni and string cheese); PB&J; brie and preserves. These fantasies join the previously “invented” ham & swiss; pesto; garlic; cheddar and Mexican (cheddar and taco meat). Basically, in my mid-30s, I suddenly realized that anything you enjoy eating can probably be rolled up in canned biscuit dough and will come out tasting amazing.


- Watched S1 of Grace and Frankie. Like a super-affluent version of The Golden Girls. Excellent cast.

- Shaved my legs.

- Cleaned up my lady business. Had to tag-team this one with Mr. Nom. He’s such a good sport. That reminds me, I need to put the hedge trimmers back in the garage...


* Or, if you were out of harm’s way, what did you get done since Friday?