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Welcome To The Bitchery
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How quirky and interesting are you?

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Are you a manic pixie dream girl/guy? Are you sure? Take this quick quiz to find your Quirky Interesting Score! And then share with the rest of us, because it's Friday and you're bored. (This was kind of on the mainpage earlier this week, but since half of us don't read there I thought I'd come here and talk about it.)


I got a 70/100 (73 if I count riding my bike downtown last week as a sport), which makes me an "intriguing, colorful character" who can be accepted to the ultra-exclusive dating site for quirky people that is Loveflutter. And that doesn't even take into consideration that I'm wearing a secondhand wrap skirt right now, am a sort-of vegetarian, knit my own arm warmers, and don't own pants. Seriously, that's got to put me at least at a 76.


I'd almost consider using the free month just out of curiosity, but somehow I doubt they have a large expat community. Although spontaneously traveling to France for a surprise date does sound very MPDG.

Anyway, what's your score?

ETA: It does require a Facebook login, although for no actual reason as far as I can tell. (Unless you create a profile, then I think it pulls info for that.) I gave it access and limited the visibility to just me, because I'm a millennial who doesn't care about privacy in the age of technology. Or something. If you don't like giving things FB access, you're not missing that much.

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