How Race Studies Scholars Respond to Haters

Many apologies if this has already made the rounds in the Kinjaverse, but this is making the rounds on my social media and thought it'd be something relevant to this forum. I really like the suggestions given by the profs. I also like how they just tell it like it is.

Here's some quotes from the opening of the article:

Graduate school prepares students for a range of intellectual and professional endeavors. Unfortunately, responding to scholarly insults and academic shade-throwing isn't one of them.

But for scholars in the fields of race and ethnic studies—including those who work outside the ivory tower—dealing with snide questions, nasty comments, and occasional name-calling is just part of the job description. Over the years, these academics have repeatedly told me that their work is uniquely misunderstood and dismissed by students, fellow faculty, and the general public. The election of Barack Obama, some say, has only made it tougher to defend ethnic studies: Amid declarations of a "post-racial" America, how do you explain why you study and write about racism?

If you read it, feel free to share the advice or suggestion you found helpful. I'll share mine in the comment.