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How ridiculous would it be to get a manicure at the airport?

(This post includes a bonus meditation on clothes shopping and body image, but first: airport nails.) I had to leave home a day earlier than planned, because I'm flying out of Denver tomorrow at noon and the whole southern half of my state is getting a foot of snow dumped on them. So I am at a sad, cheap hotel room listening to rain and wishing I was in the snow.

However! I did get to go shopping and found a super cute dress (maxi length with odd shoulder cutouts and a leg slit on one side, dark navy blue) and got two potential pieces of jewelry to wear with it (one very elegant, one costume-y and weird and cool). Depending on which piece of jewelry I decide to wear, I want a fun manicure/pedicure (my toes are still bright orange from my last-ditch baseball hopes). Is it ridiculous to go do this at the airport? I won't really have time to do it otherwise....

As a side note (TW body issues):

Today I bought a pair of shaping underwear. It was weird, how it happened. The dress I bought is really clingy and I got really hung up on not having a clean line between my hips and thighs. This is odd because recently I've had a very positive relationship with my body (after YEARS of struggle), and in particular my waist and hips, which are very hourglassy and I like very much. But I suddenly got really aware of how I tuck in slightly below the hips and then my outer thighs flare out again slightly which I AM PRETTY SURE IS ENTIRELY A NORMAL BODY THING but I got really self-conscious and fixated. I've been so stressed and busy lately that I've totally fallen off my gym routine, so I feel softer than usual, but this wasn't even that. Anyway, intellectually I understood that this dress looked good on me, but I couldn't stop thinking that people were going to notice my "weird" body lines. Sigh. My compromise was shapewear that honestly doesn't change almost anything. I still feel weird about the whole experience. I probably spent 20 minutes in the dressing room looking at myself from multiple angles, like a weirdo.


Tl;dr weird body shit that you thinks is long gone can SUDDENLY RETURN, like Khan in "Wrath of Khan."

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