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Welcome To The Bitchery

This Rolling Stone article called "Sexting, Shame and Suicide" about 15-year-old Audrie Pott (Stubenville and Rehtaeh Parsons are also mentioned) sets out to show that middle-class teens still don't understand consent, every kid everywhere is sending or receiving dick pics, and that no parent knows how to address it. The article's merits are debatable, but after reading it last week, I haven't been able to stop thinking about the issues — and how powerless I feel.

I don't have children myself, but I do have a very young (half) sister. She asks to "inherit" my iPhone and is totally comfortable doing (silly) selfies on an iPad. She's totally sweet, but the world isn't. So, as a non-parent especially, how can I become her ally, for lack of a better term? How does anyone talk with their daughters/girls in their lives about body image, autonomy, consent, digital images, shame?


GTers with and without kids, I'm really interested in hearing what you think.

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