Way back in November 1990 I was 25 years old and my best friend asked me to marry him. The man who asked was.... A GAY MAN!! A gay man asked a straight woman to marry him. That right there is proof of the gay straight-marriage-hating agenda.

My friend was in the army and stationed about 250 miles away from our hometown. His parents were needing monetary help due to their ages and medical conditions and he said that if we got married he would get extra money from the army and he could send some to his parents and would give me $100 or $200 a month depending on what he had left.

Well I’m not stupid so I said yes. And one day on my lunch break we went down to the courthouse and got hitched. When it was time to say my vows the officiant said “For richer for poorer” and I repeated “For richer” only and he and the witnesses waited but I just looked at them so he moved on. Then after it was over I went back to work.

We didn’t tell anyone but our other best friend but his mom had a friend that read the news paper ever day and she saw our names in the marriage listing in the paper. My friend, Jose, was second generation Mexican and his parents were very Catholic and barely spoke English. They also did not know Jose was gay. One day not long after our “wedding” my phone rang and a very heavily accented voice asks “Do you love my son?” I said yes because I did love him because he was my best friend.

After he got out of the army he lived in NY for a few years and met a guy he liked so he asked me for a divorce which I handled all on my own using a book I purchased at the local Barnes and Noble.


So there I was a 29 year old divorcee that no normal man would ever want because I had been tainted by my gay marriage. And now I am 49 and haven’t been married since.

That’s my story of how the gays are ruining straight marriage... by marrying straights