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I think this is an extremely important article everyone should read. I’ve been defensive about this for awhile. And I usually keep a bookmark folder with articles that discuss cases or incidents that I want to remember. For instance, I have a bookmark folder with articles about Obama that refute common right-wing talking points about him. And I have to keep it because if I googled for that thing, the first couple page listings would be from Breitbart and co. So when I read this article I felt so vindicated -

A couple weeks ago I saw an insane person on my Facebook feed screaming about how Obama had leaked classified information about the Bin Laden raid that got people killed. What the fuck? I’d never heard anything about this, and the raid was six years ago, and this guy was a total right-wing crackpot, which is the trifecta for guaranteeing at least fifteen full minutes of batshit conspiracy theory misinfotainment. So I duly Googled “obama classified information bin laden.” If you do that right now, here’s what you get.

WHAAAAAT?! Obama’s mouth killed people! Media is libturd hypocrites!

Let’s ignore the criminal level of stupidity for a minute. Look instead at the dates on those articles. May 16 and 17 of this year. This year. The Bin Laden raid, again, was six fucking years ago. What’s happening here? Why are all these different white nationalist news sites suddenly writing about this together? Why did they start doing it on May 16? Why do those articles even exist?

Well, on May 15, you might remember, The Washington Post broke this little gem: President Trump shared top secret intel with the Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador. In the Oval Office. In front of Russian state media.


The right-wing bullshit factory lurched to life. These outlets launched a broad “what about?” attack, a coordinated attack, on Obama and the left. That bullshit story about Obama’s “dangerous” classified “leak” suddenly broke throughout the right-wing media sphere. Some of these articles are even cut-and-paste jobs. There’s no effort here, just content. Tons of content, made quickly, made together, all spewing the same lies, but optimized.

But if you’ll notice the bottom of that results page, there’s a single redeeming link: PolitiFact. Thing is, it’s at the bottom. But Alexa, a service that ranks all websites around the world based on their traffic, ranks PolitiFact much higher (~10,000) than the hit just above it, “trumptrainnews.com” (~128,000). Shouldn’t such a gap work in PolitiFact’s favor?

It doesn’t. And it doesn’t work in your favor, either.

This happens all the time.

The full article is must-read. And it asks an interesting question -

Why aren’t Democrats paying people to do this kind of thing with the truth? No idea. None. They can do it, just like that other company crushed us, but they haven’t learned.


I think the answer is partly because the Dems don’t need to brainwash people. For instance, I think most Americans think rich people should pay more taxes. Conservatives had to create the term ‘job-creators’ and pump it through their various propaganda networks to change minds. How else would someone like Trump get his rally cry to be “drain the swamp”?

The Republicans are the party for the wealthy and for plutocracy. Yet somehow they’ve successfully branded themselves as the party that cares about the working class. How. It’s all these propaganda networks. They’ve done it with talk radio and with Fox news. So of course they were going to do it with the internet too. This should not surprise anyone. But their tactics should be known, and I do think Google could potentially do something about this. Especially because they are already pretty aggressive about banning sites that use certain SEO techniques. From the article I think a lot of these pop-up sites are already guilty (and probably already thumped) for these practices. But I’d like to see bigger ones like Brietbart taken down.


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