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How To Address Rape Culture Spokespeople

Ok, so, people get frustrated when examining feminism and feminisming, but here is something that isn't addressed by anyone but feminisists, so...time to focus: what's the best strategic course of action to take here? Besides bitching about it; Jez might have carried this story already, I don't even know.

U.K. Barrister says victims need to take more responsibility for their rapes.

I'm sure the Tumblr crowd is already on this and has probably escalated to death threats on twitter by now; don't do that. I'm sure academic feminists are whipping up some excellent retorts. But what does the average internet feminist do to address this? Also non-UK vs. UK residents? (I know petitions/letters/phone calls worked for the U.S. judge who let the rapist of a 14 year old go free. I have a feeling this person isn't going to back down though, it seems like she's been pretty consistent with this line of thinking.)


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