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I am having to come to gribs with the fact I am somewhat of a hoarder. Or at least have hoarding tendencies. My aunt and uncle are moving from their family home to a new house and are downsizing their possessions. I have been offered some bloody lovely things, the problem is my mother did this in Feb last year and she gave me some really nice things. I want to own all the things, a cooper samovar? yes, a giant pine chest I have no space for? yes (you guys told me to take the shot but my mother said I shouldn’t so I haven’t).

The issue is I already own basically everything nice my father collected in his life because when he died I couldn’t let it go yet (I’m going to put some of it on the curb soon and let it go to the London street economy) and I own half of the really nice stuff my mum decided not to keep (a large collection of Victorian bottles for example).

So hi, my name is Kemperboyd and I am a hoarder.

What weaknesses do you have? and then just what’s up in general?


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