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How to be a good manager

...from an employee's perspective.

I have had my share of good managers and bad managers in the past, but after a meeting today with my current manager I would just like to gush a little bit about why she's awesome.

1. She values my work, and tells me all the time

I'm a little uncomfortable with praise in front of lots of people or being the center of attention, so this is less about the huge-award-in-front-of-the-whole-company praise, and more about the "Hey Girdy, you did a great job in that meeting!" praise.


2. She supports me when I have an idea, a question, a concern, etc.

There have been a few times when I've questioned or had concerns about decisions made by higher-up people. Every time she listened to me and took me seriously, even if they still decided to move forward.


3. She trusts that I know what I'm talking about

I am knee-deep in analysis and statistics every day of my life, so when I weigh in on a team decision she supports me. That's awesome.


4. She's actively trying to give me opportunities to practice leadership and grow professionally

With some other managers, I've had to fight tooth and nail to get any kind of experience beyond what I did for my day-to-day job. My current manager is not only involving me in areas she knows I want to learn more about, but I also feel like she really has my back when it comes to my position/career goals (I'm trying to work towards a promotion).


There are many more, but these were just off the top of my head. I just feel super lucky that I have this brilliant person to work for and learn from, and I know when I eventually manage other people that I will do my best to emulate her awesome management style.

Any awesome boss stories out there, GT?

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