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Just well enough so that they might eventually be able to look after our cats for us when we go away on weekends.

I would love to have a built in pet sitting option, especially now that our newly adopted cat needs to be pilled twice a day. He is super easy to pill; it would just be annoying to have to pay for a sitter to come twice a day. We can do it when planned ahead needs arise but it would be nice to rely on neighbors. And, in general, I feel like it's a good idea to be able to slightly rely on your neighbors in case of emergency. (And they have a cat too, which I would totally be fine checking in on if they ever need it!)

Unfortunately, hedgehim and I are pretty awkward, and I have anxiety of coming on too strong and weirding people out. We just adopted our new cat, and things are a bit strained at the moment as we juggle cats in enclosed spaces and each one is unhappy and meowing at some point. Would it be weird to go downstairs and apologize for extra noise? Should I bring a gift in case the noise is worse than I thought (and to win them over?) or is that weird. If a gift is a good idea, what should we bring??


(New Kitty)

ETA: I think I'll go downstairs and apologize for extra noise tonight or tomorrow and then bring a baked gift a little later once things have calmed down/I have the willpower to cook (or the time to buy some wine/beer instead). Thanks everyone!!

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