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How to Bring a Work Team Meeting to a Screeching Halt

Bring up the “active shooter” training you all sat through like a year ago and ask, “But what if it isn’t some stranger who shows up... what if you’re worried about a fellow employee? Is there a way to report that?


Here’s the thing, the guy who asked is a bit of a jackass so we’re not entirely sure if he was just asking to stir up some shit or if he really is concerned about a specific person.


So, that happened.

Update: We still don’t know if he was serious, but apparently he was talking about my boss. *huge, giant, are-you-fucking-kidding-me eyeroll* My boss is... different. Extremely introverted. People ask me and his other direct reports, “what’s his deal?” I get along fine with him. Anyway, if Jackass was actually concerned, I think he would have taken that to his boss or the next level up, not brought it up like he did in front of everyone.

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