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I am super agitated today - and I can’t calm down. I took 1/2 of an ativan and watched an hour of parks and rec. Both of these should have helped - and they didn’t! I was so agitated, I couldn’t really eat lunch - it made me feel nauseated, and so that doesn’t really help.

As context - I am less than one month away from my dissertation defense and I got some of my advisor’s edits to my diss - and the edits are making me really cranky. I thought I could just buckle down and get them done, but my agitation/anxiety is so visceral (like - I feel jittery inside), I am having a really hard time.

I’m currently on my bed, heated blanket is on (it’s freezing here, which isn’t helping), kitty is cuddling nearby - I’m going to go make some hot cocoa - what else can I do? Anyone got any tricks?


The other option is just to take today off and tackle it tomorrow (I think I’d be ok - but it would be nice to make some progress today).

Atta girls are also more than welcome! I am a stress machine!!!

ETA: Thank you everyone! I switched gears to another project (manuscript) and that was far better, and also needed to get done. I did all the easy things on my list yesterday, so today was supposed to be the day I tackled the harder things. I’m calling it a day - I’ve been super sick since last week, so I’m not 100% anyway. It’ll all get done - it just might be a little more painful next weekend than it would have otherwise!

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