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How to Choose a Therapist?

Forgive me if this has been covered on GT before...

After years of stress and strife spent wandering through the Valley of the Uninsured I finally have sufficient coverage and the flexibility in my schedule to start seeing a therapist again. I’ve been putting it off but officially started making calls today.


I got a list of therapists from my insurance company’s website because I need them to be in-network, but unfortunately the list provides just about zero details on any of these people beyond name and phone number. There is also startlingly little information on teh interwebz (Why is that??? Definitely not true in my profession) so I’m pretty much just going off of proximity to my office.

I figure I will have a few introductory consultations, but would rather not have to go meet a dozen different doctors off cold calls before choosing one. And even if I do, not sure how I will choose between them anyway. Have only been in therapy once before and don’t remember how that came about, but liked the woman right away.

Would love to hear from anybody who has been through the process and either loves/hates their therapist. How long did it take you to decide that you loved/hated them? Were there any particular questions you asked at your first meeting? Anybody go in with a set list of criteria? Anybody feel one way about a therapist initially and later change their minds? Anybody see more than one therapist for different purposes???

Any and all advice (including from any of you who actually are psychotherapists) would be great!

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