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How to deal with a workplace crush?

Does anybody out there have some advice for dealing with a workplace crush? I've been on the same team as a coworker for a few weeks, and recently I've been finding myself tripping up on my words and getting really self-conscious around her @_@

I definitely feel a crush coming on, and worst of all is that we might be on the same project team for the next six months! I tend to develop crushes for people that I really admire or find impressive, and this coworker is really great - she's two grades above me in the company and only a bit older than me, she's really fun but also super confident and really dedicated to her work - all the things I'm not.


Obviously I don't ever intend to act on this, and I'm sure it'll pass after a few weeks, but if anyone has any tips or stories for dealing with a crush on a coworker, please do let me know!! Meanwhile, I'll keep on failing to make appropriate eye contact and seeming too enthusiastic about working with her - I'm sure that'll seem normal.

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