I'm posting this from my phone, so I'm sorry in advance for typos. I haven't talked to my parents in months. After they sabotaged and forced Manstrophy and I to cancel our wedding, I couldn't do it anymore. There's a long history of emotional and physical abuse from my childhood but I've always sought their approval anyways.

My mom just left me a very weird voicemail (at least she called? Last year I got a text). Almost verbatim: "Hey Astrophy, I just wanted to call you and say happy birthday. I don't have your address or I'd send you a card (false). I'm sure you'll have a great day with Manstrophy and his family, but just remember we're thinking about you." Now, that doesn't sound so bad. Go back and re-read it with a huffy, snarky tone. Especially the bit about Manstrophy and HIS family.. She practically spat that part out. Trust me, it was very backhanded sounding.

Here's the question: do I respond? If so, how? I almost don't want to break the silence because I'm happier with them out of my life. I do sometimes miss the "good times" but I'm not sure they make the bad times worth it. I also don't want to dignify snark with a response. My mom is the Queen of Backhandedness and Snark. Maybe this is all a poorly thought out ramble. If so, I'm sorry. I just know a lot of you have family drama and I'd like your advice.